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The concept was born in parallel with another birth in 2015, when I was an expectant first-time mother. I wanted to be well prepared for this most important upcoming event in my life. Therefore my hospital checklist was nearly learnt by heart. I also reviewed and analysed a must-have list from different resources.
Even though it took me a great deal of time and energy, I was still not really sure about my chosen essentials.
Since I used to live in Helsinki, I thought about Finland's 79-year tradition of ‘maternity packages.’ All expectant mothers covered by the Finnish social security maternity system are provided a package every year. I was very inspired by this smart and worry-free solution to preparing for parenthood.
I talked about my inspiration with family, friends and acquaintances. By the end of my pregnancy I managed to receive a similar maternity package.
Basically, it all began with this great personal experience.
Today we offer a similar maternity package that contains all the high quality essentials for newborns at affordable prices, because they are created by us from personal experience.
Our packages are offered in 4 different types and filled only with well-chosen items for your baby. That’s why we are called box4baby!
We focused most of our energy on quality and have personally used all our products on infants before including them in our packages.
The box itself becomes a complete mattress, so it can be used as a portable baby’s bed box. Your little one can play, rest and sleep while you are preparing breakfast or cooking lunch in the kitchen.
It also has a lid, which means it can become a very practical item. It can easily be used as your baby's changing mat or storage for toys and outgrown clothes.
Our ambition is to bring this great tradition from Finland to the Czech Republic.
Our e-shop is the starting point to our goal.
We believe every expectant mother deserves to have a box4baby!
We are proud to say that 1% of each purchase will go to charity organizations for newborns in need.
Yours sincerely,